The perfectly unperfect mum.

To all the perfectly unperfect mums out there, this one is for you.

You vowed to never be a TV mum and suddenly it’s on for the half the day. Washing, laundry, housework, Sometimes it’s the only way…


You swore you’d be the baker mum cooking up a storm. In reality, watching ‘Great British Bake Off’ with a glass of wine is actually more the norm…



You promised that you’d never shout at your darling little child, but sometimes they test your patience so, and yes you do go wild…

You said you’d keep your house pristine with everything put away, now the toys adorn the floor every single day…


You wanted to be that yummy mummy with amazing swooshy hair. Now you leave the house in sweats, no make up on – who cares.


You thought you’d be the lucky mum who’s kid did everything right, now you can’t do anything without a bloody fight…

To all the mums who try their best, but things don’t always work out, you love your kids and they love you, with this there’s not one doubt.


We all spend the early years of motherhood losing our shit, some of us just hide it better than others, and the rest of us drink wine!

Blonde Mummy. X


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