To my beautiful boy Virràe,

The happiest of birthdays to you my son.

You won’t believe this, but three years on I still have to pinch myself that I get to call you my son and that I am a mother. This last year has been incredible to say the least, and watching you grow and develop has been such a privilege. Overnight you have turned into a proper little boy with these unique quirks that amaze me / (sometimes push me over the edge!) every single day.

You have become so determined and strong willed and I love how much you know your own mind. You really do know what you want, when you want it and my goodness have you mastered the art of stubbornness. Your tantrums are still something else, and you definitely get that from your father!

You have accomplished so much this year and given me so many reasons to burst with pride. Despite having to deal with the huge change of me going back to work full time, you’ve come on leaps and bounds at nursery and your big personality has won the hearts of so many. I love that you know all your friends names and seeing your relationships blossom truly melts my heart. Its such a testiment to the caring and loving little boy that you are.

We moved you to a big boy bed and it didn’t phase you one little bit. You innocently thought your bed was broken, and I could tell we had pushed you out of your comfort zone, but you took it in your stride and just like that the transition was made. Initially I held out, because selfishly having you in a cot let me hold on to that part where you need me for just that little bit longer.

No matter how long or tiring work has been, the thought of coming home to you keeps me going. Bed times with you are my favourite part of the day, its our only real time together during the week so I’m very precious about having that with you. You always ask me to lay next to you and we cosy up to read. You’ve cleverly memorised every word of your favourite book ‘Peace At Last’, and I love it when you join in with me. Its a daily reminder to me of your impressive capability, and for me to keep challenging you as you do me. I just want you to know that whilst I’m not around all the time, my heart is very much with you, and I do everything in my power to make the most of the time we do have.

I had a personal goal to potty train you by your third birthday, but it took me a while to bite the bullet and start because you weren’t exactly showing any signs you were ready. My instinct told me you would manage and so I decided to be brave. I didn’t go in with a plan and I absolutely winged it, but you once again you amazed me with your ability to adapt and give the process a chance. It didn’t happen overnight and there were some interesting accidents, like the one where you did a poo on your bedroom floor and then covered the incriminating evidence with your stool before sweetly telling me to go and look in your room! I was actually quite impressed with your thought process and little things like this show me that you will go far in life. Messy disasters aside, you still nailed it taking the whole thing completely and utterly in your stride. It sounds silly but seeing you in your little underpants really hit home that you’re not a baby anymore.

In the last few weeks you’ve gotten into the habit of waking up at 5.18am everyday, I hear the pitter patter of your feet down the hallway and you stand by my bed until I put you in next to me. We snuggle up and you sleep for the next hour or so whilst I try not to fall off the edge. I do feel rather exhausted these days, but secretly I love having you next to me as I know one day you’ll be a teenage boy that never wants to leave his room.

This year you’ve given me even more things to love about you and you’ve shown me the true meaning of ‘endless love’. I love your non stop chatter. I love the way you ask me all the time, “who’s name is that?” about everything and everyone, even when you know the answer! I love that when I ask for a kiss you give me the top of your head. I love that when I ask for some sugar, you lick my tongue when you’re actually meant to kiss me! I love the way every morning you say “mummy I need a wee wee and then we need to go down for breakfast.” I love the way you get my slippers for me. I love the way you laugh at the sound of the electric toothbrush. I love the way you tell me you want cereal, and then when I ask which one, you say “cereal mummy” as if I’ve asked the most stupid question in the world. I love the way you ask for ice cream at breakfast like it’s so normal. I love the way you drink all your milk from the bowl at breakfast before even eating, and for your love of tea. This list could go on for a very long time so I should probably stop, but I really have loved so much in your transition from two to three.

I tell you everyday that you have been the making of me and you will always be my biggest achievement. I fall in love with you a little bit more each day, and seeing this transformation of you to a funny, crazy, brave, loving and inquisitive little boy is magical. You are without a doubt the best bit about me and I honestly cannot believe you are three. I’m so excited to see what the next year has in store for us and to be part of this next stage of your journey.

This year, on your third birthday I am also wishing for three things, your health, your happiness and your friendship. Always.

Happy birthday my darling, I love you very much.

Love always,




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